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Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholders are the interested parties in a product. They affect and influence the product, as well as those who will ultimately use it.


Documenting the stakeholders is essential in order to assess their importance in determining the product’s character and value proposition. Knowing the stakeholders and their proxies also directs who, and to what measure, to keep up to date on the product’s development needs and progress.


The wider product group. It is essential to identify the stakeholders prior to any other Inception sessions.

When to use

At the beginning of the Inception, or after an organizational re-shuffle.


Conduct a discussion that elicits the needed information, answering questions such as:

  • Who are the most influential stakeholders?
  • Which stakeholders will be most affected by the product?
  • Who controls the shared-services needed for product development?
  • Who has a financial interest?
  • What are the top motivations for each stakeholder?
  • Who are the biggest supporters?
  • ​Who are the biggest opposers?


Create a quadrant:

  • Stakeholder interest (low to high)
  • Stakeholder influence (low to high)


  • Document the name and role of each stakeholder
  • Place a marker (preferably their avatar) on the Stakeholder map.
  • Place a marker (preferably their avatar) on the Communications plan.

Group size

The entire kickoff group.


Try to keep this session to half an hour at most.



Make sure that anyone identified as major stakeholder, but was not invited initially, is added to list and be able to participate in subsequent sessions.

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