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Organizational context


This is an activity that helps the participants understand the product’s organizational reach and involved stakeholders.


This is a group-wide activity

When to use


Participants map the product’s organizational needs and scope as a team-wide discussion. Meet your neighbors!


Whiteboard, large sticky notes, and dry-erase markers.


Ask the participants to describe the organizations that are, or will be, involved in the development and release of the product. Discuss business entities, IT entities, and external entities. Learn about additional stakeholders that need to be taken in to account as a result of the findings. Copy the map to a large sheet and keep posted in the room to remind people of the product’s span across the company.

Group size


Try to keep this exercise less than an hour.



Keep the results posted visibly during the rest of the inception, as a reminder of the way the system will accomplish its intended functionality.

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