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Hopes And Fears


This is an activity that helps the participants be vocal about their hopes and fears in the context of the development of the product. It also serves as an “ice-breaker” between the participants and the facilitator.


All those present for the inception.

When to use

Use this right after kickoff.


Participants write their hopes and fears in relation to the Inception process and its outcomes.


  • Book a room large enough to hold all the participants.
  • Make sure each participant has a sharpie and sticky notes to write their hopes and fears on (one per note)
  • White board for the grouping of the results.


  • Allow the participants time to write their hopes and fears on the sticky notes. The facilitator usually posts them on the whiteboard, in grouping per subject.
  • Discuss the issues briefly and leave the results visible in the Inception room.

Group size

Everyone, physically present.


Try to keep this to half an hour.



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