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Drivers and Constraints


This is an activity that helps the participants be vocal about their current product development environment


This is a group-wide activity

When to use

When discussing the product-development environment and ecosystem in relation to other functional groups in the organization.


Participants write the drivers and constraints on sticky notes, after-which a discussion is held relating to the subjects posted.

The services are listed in a column, along with build/buy/open-source indicators with examples. A conversation ensues to decide which tools can be used.


Whiteboard, large sticky notes, and dry-erase markers.


The participants write the drivers and constraints and post them under the correct column on the whiteboard. The sticky notes are organized in groups and discussed.

Group size


Try to keep this exercise less than an hour.



Keep the results posted visibly during the rest of the inception, as a reminder of what issues need to be addressed as we develop the product.

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