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Creating an agenda

Inceptions have a duration of one to several weeks to complete, depending on variables such as:

  • The current state of the product the team will work on (i.e. greenfield, new business unit, enhancements to an existing product).
  • The number and quality of the systems that the product will interact with.
  • The complexity of the current VSM and technical expertise of the teams developing or maintaining the product.
  • The number and professional quality of the personas that will be interacting with the system.

From experience, some companies prefer to have breakout sessions rather than have everyone participating simultaneously. In the case, it’s advisable to denote the business unit needed for different discussions in the agenda itself. For example: UX, Tech, Business. This will lead to more effort in synthesis and presentation, to make sure that everyone is heard, despite not being able to participate in all sessions.

The agenda need have only enough details to show the participants what’s ahead. More often than not, the agenda and topics change based on team dynamics, so it’s better to stay at a high level.

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